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Facebook Ads – How to create | Setup | Run – Social Media Marketing Campaign

Internet users do two main aspects on a regular basis. Hope you guys got my mind voice.

Yeah, you are right! It’s none other than Search Engines and Facebook.

Social media marketing is gaining more hype in the last few years in which facebook and twitter have major roles.

Even a school going child knows how to use Facebook and other features in it.

Calculating on the overall basis, Facebook is considered to be the largest social media network in the world. A recent survey about Facebook says that there are more than 2.01 billion monthly users now and this will increase 17 per cent later in the upcoming years.

How many of you are reading this blog on a mobile? Mostly 90% of the person’s uses mobile for checking their facebook, text messages, send and receive Emails and much more. Overall research reports that there are 1.15 billion mobile users at present and this will increase to 23 per cent over the years. The traffic gained through Facebook is reliably high in a mobile app when compared to the traffic gained on the system.

Do you guys know that Globally, the average users are spending more than 50 minutes per day on Facebook?

Facebook advertising brings a more potential market to your targeted audience and considered to be the effective one when compared to other SMM.

The Facebook campaign is the one of the best technique through which you can have a stronger bond to your existing and new audience about the brand, website or product in depth, this also helps in increasing your overall  ROI.

Going to develop a startup or running a brand-oriented business?

If so, you should have a facebook page for your business, product or service by now.

if you do not have, this is the right time to create a one to take them to a new high-tech level.

Procedures to run a Facebook Campaign

Let’s discuss in detail about a few of the steps on starting with a new Facebook ad campaign for your business, product or service. Here you go!

The Starting Point

Login to your personal account and then select the option “create Ads” from the drop-down menu as shown below.

Ads Manager

The Ads Manager shows up with three levels of steps namely Facebook Ads Campaign, Campaign Level and Ad Set Level as shown below. This is how you start a Facebook Ads Campaign.

Campaign level – This is the area where you choose your Ad’s objective, this may be a consideration, brand awareness or the conversation.

Let’s discuss the steps with some interacting examples.

Ad Set level – This is the place where you are going to set up your Ad Campaign with details like budget, schedule, audience, placement etc.

Ad level – This is the region where you can set up the final process of the Ad campaign like selecting a page, format, Ad text etc.

Ok, shall we check out how to Start a Facebook campaign for your new client?

From the above demonstration, you should be clear that you need an objective to start your Facebook Campaign.

So, How to set an objective?

This will be based on your client requirements and their budgets.

To explain you in an elaborative way, I have to take my client as “Freshkari” and now, let me explain to you how I am going to create brand awareness to some particular group of audience at an affordable budget.

So, my Objective is none other than “Brand Awareness”. You need to name your campaign name in the name of your client brand name.

How to set up a Brand Awareness Campaign?

You need to create an interesting brand awareness campaign so that your brand will get the maximum reach to your targeted audience. So As discussed before my objective is going to be the Brand Awareness.

AD set Level:

In this step, you are going to create a new audience or any custom audience or something that look like your audience.

Creating a Customer audience:

Check out the screenshot below to have an idea regarding the customer audience creation.

Customer files – You are going to choose a customer file that matches your customer with facebook people and create an audience level that matches up. (CHOOSE A FILE AND COPY AND PASTE / IMPORT MailChimp).

Website traffic-  You are going to creates a people list who visits your site through the Facebook pixel.

App activity– You are going to create a list of people who install your app or take some specific steps to action.

Engagement– This means you are going to collect the list of people who already interact with your brand /Page likes/page follows / page views/video views/ share/personal information.


The next step is to find a set of a new audience who resembles your existing audiences.

Create new audience

I am going to create a list of people who look similar to my existing audience so that I can grab more number of new audiences. You can find clear action in the above screenshot.

Enter your Facebook Business Page in the section of Source Page. I have taken my business page name as “Fresh Kari” so I have entered in the above source page field.

Now, choose the location you are going to target, choose if you are going to focus on any particular age gender and also another important detail targeting.

Detail Targeting means you have enter regarding the demography/interest/behaviour/ Facebook categories etc.

Demography: This means you need to include the details about the Facebook profiles namely age, gender, relationship status, education, type of work they do etc.

Interest:  This defines your ideal audience by their own interests, hobbies, Pages, groups and other important aspects they like on Facebook.

Behaviour: This means the activities your audience does on or off Facebook namely the device they’re using, purchase behaviours or intents, travel preferences and more. Behaviours are constructed from both online and offline activities provided by data from Facebook’s trusted third-party partners.

Detail targeting reduces the number of results and will opt only for some sort of business.

The next step before finishing Ad set level is that you need to set the budget for the daily campaign and this depends upon your client requirements.  

AD Level

The next step in the face campaign is the Ad Level


In this section, you are going to select your client Facebook page and the data automatically picks your Instagram profiles if you have a one in order to run your campaign.


In this step, you are going to select the type of format that will be appropriate for your Facebook campaign.  

Full-Screen Experience

In this section, you can check out some extra features as you seen in the below screenshot namely the additional template form your ad, the photos, videos and link to engage with your business. You can fill up base don your creativity, but make sure you are making up the campaign interesting way so that your engagement rate and conversion rate get increased.


No campaign will opt to reach its success without a proper interactive image or video.

Select an image as per your campaign format and make sure the image you choose is related to your campaign objective.

Final preview of your brand awareness ad campaign

The last preview of your awareness ad campaign will resemble similar to the screenshot below.

And now to the last step,

Yare going to confirm your order and wait for approval of your campaign from the facebook. Your final review screenshot will look like.

Once your Ad gets approved, you can start seeing your Facebook Ads gets displayed to your targeted audience as the steps you choose above, now start monitoring the result and check out how accurate your ad is performing.


Nothing is going to differ in the case of Reach Campaign, you are just going to Showcase your AD to a maximum number of targeted people, and then again set up a campaign similar to the above steps.

So now, let’s proceed with the procedures in depth below.


This campaign consists of five objectives namely, traffic, Engagement, App install, video views, and lead generation.

Let’s discuss each of the campaign consideration in detail below.

1) Traffic

From the name, you might have known about the objective, yeah you are going to bring huge traffic to your site, but the important thing to note is that you need to have a low cost per click and suggest an automatic budget cost option.

Analyze the campaign performance so that you can improve your campaign results by gathering more link clicks.

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