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Facebook Social Media Optimization – Social Media Marketing & Online Marketing

Do you think getting your content displayed on Facebook is a simple task?

Absolutely No!

Research says that there are more than 1 million links shared, 769,999 status updates are sent and approximately 4.86 million photos are uploaded just in 15 minutes.

Whatever the profile may be, whether it’s a professional company profile or else the individual personal profile, there are just two effective strategies to execute.

  • Posting
  • Engaging

 Interested to learn about these strategies in detail? Let’s go!

 Posting Strategy

Do you think any action without plan will get executed in the right way?

You need to plan anything correctly so that the execution can be easier, in the case of posting strategy you need to plan yourself about a content you are going to post in the Facebook in order to bring more leads and conversions.

There are three main sections to be discussed in the posting strategy namely the pre-work, pro work and the post work.

1) Pre work

The first step of the posting strategy, you are going to plan perfectly what are the things you are going to perform for the next seven day and record in on the Excel sheet for the effective execution.

 a) The topic for the post

You are going to choose topics for the upcoming week, the number of posts you are going to post per day, that may be 2, 4, 6, 8 etc and this is based on your client’s requirements and budget.

The topic you are going to post may be about the service, wishes, offers, promotions, vision, quote, sharing a blog, humour, gifts and much more.

 b) The Posting Type

The second this you are going to plan is about the type of post you are going to publish, these post type may be an image, video, infographics, blog content, live video, Gif etc.

 c) The Posting Content

Do you think regular content work for the Facebook Posting? Definitely no. Try something unique and relevant to the niche you are targeting so that your Ad may get more customer attraction.

d) The Concept

You are going to post a content, what if it does not include a creative concept? No will have interest in your facebook post. So, make sure the content type you are publishing is relevant to your business and created with attractive concepts and features so that there are high chances for better engagements.

For eg: If you have chosen the type of Facebook content as Video, and your business is like promoting a particular product, then make sure you are creating a video that includes each and every detail about the product, their specialities, offers provided for them, the reason for getting it, a call to action, contact details and everything that needs the product for the promotion.

e) The Hash Tags

One of the promising feature to describe a product is the Hashtags, you can use the business related keywords as your hashtag to promote the type of business you run. For me it would be #ProPreneur #JamePreneur #DigitalMarketing #BusinessConsultant #Strategist #Branding and so on.

2) Pro work

You have planned the actions, it’s the section to execute it. Before publishing the post, make sure you have listed out all the things you planned in preproduction in the right way, know what type of content you are going to post, when are you going to post and where to post it in detail so that execution will be easier. Now you have published everything as you planned based on the pre-production.

3) Post work

Once you have published the post, the last section is to report. You need to track the post you have executed, check how many likes, shares and comments you have gained, note down the personal feedback you have about the post, what can be changed or what can be reduced for better engagement. This will help you to gain more engagement and leads in the next Facebook post.

Engagement strategies

Ok, now you have posted the Facebook Ad and now it’s time for the engagement. You need to engage the post with your audience so that you can grab more traffic, customers and leads.

How can you do it?

Here are some of the ways through which you can get maximum engagement with your targeted audience.


One to one direct message is more valuable and effective when compared to other strategies. Find a reason to message your friends, existing client, members of any groups etc, share the valuable offers you have for the product or a blog content genuinely in a way they should not get any doubt that you are promoting it.

Imagine you have a product, just posting a link of the product without any initial message or details will make the people irritated and they neglect it without even opening it, so make sure you are moving the conversation friendly so that they open the link and go for it.

If someone responds to your message, then it’s important you reply to them for making the connection more stronger. If any of your audience liked, shared or commented on the Facebook post or any other blog then thank them personally for performing the action.

Find the people who love and engages with all of your posts and start building a relationship with them by sending constant messages. Encourage them so that they may like, share, comment and get engaged more on your products or posts.

It’s mandatory you also like, comment and share their post so that they also like to engage with you in your posts and this will create a brand impression. Request your friends to like, comment and share for the extra response.


In Facebook, there are two types of groups namely private and the public group.

This is an important place where your post can reach a large number of people, join the group on your niche and interested and post valuable content constantly for grabbing more audience. You can also create your own group for the effectiveness and make sure you post constantly.


People love Facebook pages for their interesting memes and concepts the page admins make, find a local page that has more followers and ties up with them so that you can build a tight relationship with them by sharing value.

Posts in the pages go viral within seconds, you can use this for the special occasions.

For eg: As Diwali is up, you may find some popular Facebook pages promote the crackers brand in a funny way so that people can have a look at it.

Final Thoughts:

If you are the one who runs a business and in need of brand awareness throughout the year, then the above guide is recommended just for you.

Make sure you record all your engagement in excel sheet for further follow up’s and to measure the effectiveness of time spent.  However, you need to spend some budget on a Facebook advert for better engagement.

Do you guys have any interesting info on increasing the reach and engagement on Facebook? we are an upcoming social media marketing company in Chennai

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