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Google Plus Social Media Optimization – Social Media Marketing & Internet Marketing

So who can use Google+ & Why it is used for?

It’s for industry experts, marketers, Business Owners and alike persons.

Is Google +, a sort of a Professional site like Linkedin?

Almost yes, Google+ is considered to be the underrated traffic generation tool and only 1 out 10 persons know how to use it effectively for gaining customers and for the successful engagement.

Sorry to say this but everyone should accept the fact that Google Plus is not much effective when compared to other social media, but still Google allows you to share all your personal and professional content to the entire world. You can customize the view of your post to yourself, your circles or to the public based on your needs.

Google plus is not the right practice if you are digital marketer, but in some case of SEO, it helps in gaining the results as it belongs to Google. If you need to try this strategy then the below guide is just for you.

Posting Strategies

If you are the one who knows the idea or expert in Facebook posting strategies, then there is nothing new to learn in Google Plus Strategies. Yeah, just similar to facebook posting, you need to post your content that is relevant and matches with your business in a unique and effective way.

While posting an Ad or post make sure you add value to the post so that your audience would love to engage and connect with you. Share your own blogs, good news regarding your niche, sharing a high-quality blog from another person, sharing a video, infographics, images etc will add a greater conversion.

While considering sharing your own blogs, make sure you are sharing the one that will provide the detailed understanding regarding their search, keep updated around your business, know what is happening around so that you can also make it up based on the issue, if you found any blog that is interesting and if you think it will add up more value then you can post it on your wall.

This will not only increase the engagement but also the customers, it’s common that visuals get more response when compared to standard article content, so adding up infographics, attractive images with a clear call to action, videos will all end up in good results.

For eg: If you are run a pizza shop, make sure you are creating an image or video that includes your offer, discount price, pizza type, phone number, address etc so that it will be easy for the pizza lovers to contact you immediately seeing the post.

Engagement Strategies

Once you have posted the content make sure everything is in the right way, edit it if you found something is missing or you need to remove. After publishing the post, engaging with your audience is the best way to lead to more conversions. Below are some of the engagement strategies you need to follow for bringing more customers to your website.


Follow the business and persons whom you are targeting, you can find this easily from the search option. Search is based on your niche or professionally so that you can easily get a personal account to follow up.

Do you have your competitors Email address? If so, you can also search with their email address so that you can get the direct member whom you need to follow. Once you have started following your business related peoples, you can easily check out their personal and professional details, communities they are in, their collections etc as Google Plus is developed to be transparent in nature. 


This means the groups, you can search for your business-related groups and started joining to share your blogs and other interactive content, images and videos. You can join some groups immediately whereas few communities need admin approval. Once you are a member of the particular community you can post your updates like anything related to the groups, businesses etc on their feed.

Your post with the excellent call to action will gain huge traffic as the community may include thousands and millions of people like you.

It would be good if you interact with another person post in the feed by liking, sharing or commenting on their posts. You can check out the profiles of each person in the group and therefore you can engage personally for another information gathering regarding your business.

Most of the Google plus users provide their website, blogs and facebook links so that it will help in reaching the targeted audience easily and quickly.


We can’t just avoid social media as you are not grabbing a huge audience, sometimes the traffic gained from a small audience too will make a great value to the site. The professional relationship you gain on Google + can help in growing your business bigger and to the top position.

Research and then spend some time to follow the targeted people to engage gently, build trust and develop a relationship to shine among your competitors. you can get consult about above optimization from any digital marketing company.

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