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Instagram ads – How to create | Setup | Run – Social Media Marketing Campaign

There was a day when people had a false thought that, one of the Facebook-owned apps could fail as earlier as possible.

Among the 2.9 billion active users in the world, people make use of social media to improve their marketing strategy, to enhance their brand awareness and much more. And what if your targeted people love visuals more than a regular content?

What type of Social Media Marketing platform would go well for a visual targeted audience? Yeah, the one that gets an upload of more than 90 million photos every day from different users around the world.


Yeah, the social media platform has seen more increase in its growth and its about 700 million users based on the 2017 survey. Let’s discuss more interesting facts and how to use them to improve your sales in detail.

Why Instagram?

Instagram is a social media platform that allows users to share any type of photos and videos for free online.  Just posting your photo with some content and hashtag is not going to popularize your business or website, there are some ethics you need to follow for gaining more leads and click-throughs.

How to improve your Business on Instagram?

The Instagram marketing campaign is so effective but do you think it’s that much easy for creating an Instagram campaign? Not at all. Instagram is efficient in bringing more leads and highest engagement among all social Media if it’s a visual type.

Our topic is going to cover the entire concept of Instagram marketing from goal setting to choosing the right type of hashtags. Let’s start with the campaign below.

What is an Instagram marketing campaign?

It’s a campaign that runs on Instagram feeds, in order to achieve the marketing objective and this can be brand awareness, consideration, and product conversion.

Do you know the types of campaign that can be run through an Instagram? Here you go!

  • Photo advert ( square or landscape size ) creative single photos
  • Video adverts (60 sec) visually immersive quality as photo advert with the added power of sight.
  • Carousel advert ( add video and photos in the single advert)
  • Stories adverts ( quick video about your website or brand process) 

How to Start with an Instagram Marketing Campaign?

Proceed below to check out the various steps you need to follow for running a successful and effective Instagram campaign.

  • The first step is to create a profile and business page for running an Instagram campaign, you need to have a facebook page in order to run the advert campaign, make sure you also create a free Instagram business account for further steps.

 2) Set up your advert campaign by selecting the campaign objective, ad set, ad format in advert manager or power editor as shown below in the screenshot.

Hope you have the experience of running a Facebook ad, so make it the same as that for delivering the expected results. If you think you need to run the campaign only on Instagram, then you need to select the Instagram option in the placement section.

3) Set the right budget as per your comfort and the value you can spend on the brand or website.

The next step is to set up a campaign format as shown below in the screenshot.

Setup the relevant image and text for your Instagram campaign with more impressiveness for capturing more leads and engagement.

4) Publish the post once you double check the campaign, ensure your image,  hashtags and other content section is relevant and matched the type of campaign you have created.


Believe me, while considering the brand-related user engagement Instagram stands top in the crowd for generating the maximum leads. The Instagram campaign builds a deeper relationship with your customer to generate more sales. The above strategies help in improving the engagement and also help in grabbing more followers for your Instagram profile, service, website or business. If you want more details about the Social media campaign reach us we are the upcoming Digital marketing company in chennai.

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