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Instagram Social Media Optimization – Post type | Post Strategies | Content ideas | Tips

Yeah, when the app was introduced no one had the hope on it, but within three months the application grabbed more than 1 million users.

From One million it has turned to 900 million now and still raising up, highly useful for both personal and business brand building

When I first started using Instagram, I had no idea of it and found difficulties to handle. My account when it received 200 followers in few days, I started getting interested in it. But when my post did not even gather 15 likes I again stopped following it.

I suddenly started to look over the things over Instagram, how to use it an effective way, how to post images, videos etc, how to follow others and much more in detail. I started applying the things I learned into my account and was really shocked to see the result I gained.

Believe me, I had a huge response. The efficient and reliable posting strategies are important to get the leads, today we can check out both the posting and engagement strategies that you need to follow up in an Instagram account in detail.

Get ready to think creatively and make unique posts so that you can reach high places in Instagram, you need to fill out all your bio, necessary information, the right fit photo for showcasing yourself or your business to the followers.

We are going to divide the strategies into two types namely Posting and Engaging Strategies.

1) Posting strategies

 A proper plan before posting any images, videos, caption, and the hashtag is important, check out the top profiles on Instagram so that you can observe the things they do in detail. Check out the engagement with their followers, what strategies they are following to get the better engagements and much more.

To make you more clear I have divided into three sections namely Pre-work, Pro- Work and the post Work.

In the first section, you are going to plan the post you are going to use on your Instagram feed. This will include the topic and it may be personal self-intro about your business, a contest, a question, information about your service, offers, promotion, regarding the public holiday, wishing your followers on a specific occasion etc.

In the next step, you are going to execute it, this means once you have chosen the topic you are going to decide the concept you are going to use for publishing the post.

How creative your concept should be?

It depends on the type of industry, if you are a digital marketer, then you can try creating an image for your particular product you are promoting with offer or coupon code, call to action and something interesting to attract your target customers.

Your creativeness should visually describe the goal, your image should be in a describing way, ask them a lot of questions, should include emotions and much more for getting more engagement, the action you choose for creating the concept will depend on the industry.

Decide what type of posts you are going to use for achieving the goal, whether it is an image, photo collage, photo slide, videos, live video, stories, boomerang, rewind, hand free etc.

What about the Caption?

Your caption you are going to use in the post you have chosen need to be the call to action, this will depend on the topic you choose.

What Hashtags are you going to use?

Create your own hashtags and make sure you are using the popular one so that your post gets reached fast, choosing a hashtag that your targeted audience will love to check out is also important to grab leads for your business or product. 

The post that gets the more engagement will be given first priority in the case of Instagram, so creating an interactive and attractive concept with right steps so that your post can get more engagement and followers.

In the last section, you are going to make sure whether the plan you have made is 100 % ok and double check whether they can gain more followers.

2) Engagement Strategy

Once you are clear in your posting strategies, you can start the engagement with the post you have published. You need to engage with your existing and targeted audience after the successful publishing.

DM Direct Messages

Use DM for your existing audience to show up your latest post, and gently ask them to tag their friends in your post comments if you know them in close.

like, comments, share their posts, thanks to them personally if you found a new person from your niche responded or reacted to your post.

Tag the audiences who regularly follow up your posts, tag them in all photos and comment section so that there is a chance for high engagement and you will be able to build a professional relationship with them.

Like, Comment, and share:

Discover the recent post of your followers with high engagement, like and comment on their photos to get more leads from them. 

Follow the people related to your business to get more followers, List out the profile where you can find your targeted audience, be the first interesting comment on their post, and even respond to  others comments, make sure yours’s to be the last comment too so that you can get more followers from the comment section.

Group & Share

Share a viral video or photo post to get more likes. Instagram pod (group ) or the same industry people to get a suggestion, like and comment).

This will help in making the bond with your targeted audience better, also there are high chances to get more followers and leads.

Bottom Line

Hope the above strategies provided you with a clear idea of making your post reach your targeted audience and grab more leads.

Have you tried different Instagram post strategies to attract followers? If so, let us all know through the comment section below.

Are you looking to know more about it get our free consultant on Social Media Marketing 

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