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LinkedIn ads – How to create | Setup | Run – Digital Marketing Campaign

It’s so long that LinkedIn combined with the teeny professional networking site and completely changed to an enormous world force. B2B marketers have been trying to find the code for the success and ever started an effective site, gathered millions of professionals just in one place named Linkedin.

Do you think there are any chances for grabbing leads through this B2b professional site? Yeah definitely!

Some tactics when used efficiently and intimated within the cohesive strategy brings you more leads and followers, you need to test different results, you can grab the desired result through the Linkedin to solve out the right tactics at the perfect situation.

Why Linkedin?

Linkedin is a powerhouse of all category Social media network professionals that helps to find out the new opportunities and leads in an efficient way, this platform also helps to showcase your talent and prove yourself a pro in their respective niche.

Recently there was a survey conducted last month regarding each of the social media reports and in the case of LinkedIn, it has about  500 million of professional users, 73 million of senior-level influences, 45 million users of decision makers and 8.2 million of C-level executive.

 LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to get profession influence and to stay in a good relationship with all the qualified person in your niche.

LinkedIn marketing platform helps the marketer to reach all professional with different marketing campaign features with customer acquisition messages.

Do you know the advertisement products available within the Linkedin?

Here are some of the major advertisement you can perform with the Linkedin to improve your overall performance, leads and sales.

  • Sponsored content
  • Sponsored Inmail
  • Text Ads

1) Sponsored Content

Have you ever check out your Linkedin Newsfeed that displays content from different niche or various sponsored posts? Yeah, this sponsored post usually occurs on your targeted audience newsfeed. This kind of ads will help in generating more engagement and also they sell or launch a new product for generating more website traffic.

Sponsored content are of two types

1) Send people to your website or content(Direct Sponsored Content)

Have you ever clicked an ad and got redirected to a page? Yeah, you are going to send your targeted audience to your landing page by clicking your ads. This will maximize the engagement and help in bringing more leads. Adding a follow button will generate more followers to your LinkedIn showcase or company page. You can use the Conversation tracking to check out how many people has reached your website by clicking the ads or by viewing it.

How to make this happen?

Follow the below steps so that you can deal with the ads and the targeted audience.

 Step 1: Selecting a “send people to your site or content”

Step 2: AD content

In this section, you can select any of your existing content or create any new content for the procedure.

In the screenshot, I have selected the existing sponsored content on my page.

Step 3: select your targeted audiences

Select the desired location you need to target, I am going with Chennai as I am from the capital of Tamil Nadu ☺,

Select specific targeting audiences based on the following categories

I am selecting a job title as an above screenshot as I am going to reach my niche audience by the job title they have included in the Linkedin account.

I am going to target all the digital marketing professionals in the following eg.

Another option in targeting audience section indulges as it appears in the below screenshot

Enabling “audience network”

While using the Audience Network, you will be able to enable the expanded delivery of your Sponsored Content campaigns to third-party publisher apps and sites. 

Enabling Audience expansion

This prospect helps in broadening the campaign reach by showcasing it to your audiences with similar attributes that match up with the targeted audiences, you need to make sure that you are expanding the audience based on the characteristics namely the group’s, skills, companies etc.

Notes: In this particular campaign I am disabling the above options as it will exceed my budget limit.

Step 4: Budget and schedule

In this section, I am selecting for “website visits” campaign for the optimization.

Now, the next step is to set up budget and campaign start date.

The final step is to make the payment to begin your ad campaign.

2) Collect leads using LinkedIn lead gen form

This helps to convert prospects into qualified leads directly on LinkedIn. Capable of gathering accurate, complete lead data, including member contact info, seniority, job function, company name, industry, and more. These are using the pre-populated forms so that the members can submit with a single click.

 Measure your cost per lead, lead generation rate, and the types of audiences you’re converting into leads.

You can download leads from LinkedIn Campaign Manager, or connect to your Marketing Automation provider or CRM to capture and manage lead data for the effective process.


I have gone with the second option as shown in the screenshot below.

Step 2: AD content

You can select any existed content or post new content. I have made with the existing content itself.

Step 3: Select call to action and lead generation

Select the call to action and this depends on your client requirements. 

Create a form template with your call to action content,

Add every detail to the field shown in the screenshots.

Finally, fill the thank you form page and save the template.

Step 4: select your targeting audience (as you did for the previous steps)

Step 5: Budget and Schedule (as you did for the previous steps)

Step 6: Make the Payment to start your campaign.

2) Text ads

Have you noticed too many text ads gets displayed on your feed when you are scrolling off?

These ads get displayed on your targeted audience feed so that they find it and check out the link to know the detail in brief.

Step1 : Name the campaign

Provide a name to your text campaign.

Step 2: Ad content

Provide the landing page to which your audience will be redirected once they click your Ad campaign.

Adding a catchy and interactive content will tend them to know about the context in detail.

Ad preview with four main formats namely  Square, tall, horizontal and long are shown as above.

Step 4: select your targeting audience (same step as above)

Step 5: Budget and Schedule (same step as above)

Step 6: Make the Payment to start your campaign.

3) Sponsor in mail Ad

Have you ever got a promotional type message like offers, promotions etc on your inbox from an unknown person or from the desired member?

This type of ad will bring more engagement and leads by delivering personalized private images to your targeted audience inboxes.

Sponsored InMail messages consist of a custom greeting, call to action button, body text, and ability to add a link to message body and charges cost per send. Here are the steps below!

Step 1: Name the campaign

Step 2: select the sender(targeted audience) for your sponsored InMail

Step 3: Subject line and mail content:

Make sure you are providing the relevant subject, objective in a short and precise way so that it can drive call to actions.

Step 4: Never fail to define your landing page and call to action

Step 4: select your targeting audience (same step as above)

Step 5: Budget and Schedule (same step as above)

Step 6: Make Payment to start your campaign.


Linkedin offers a lot of successful opportunity and strategies to make you go top in the business, this is also the ideal resource in the B2b Marketing strategy. For more results on the Linkedin Marketing Campaign, make a test of various strategies and find the perfect one to get the maximum results.

If you want more strategies for your business, here we go we are the upcoming Digital Marketing company based in Chennai 

Have you ever tried out the Linkedin Campaign before? Do share your experience with us!

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