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Page 2 – Facebook Ads – How to create | Setup | Run – Social Media Marketing Campaign


How would you engage in facebook? Like, love share and comment are the set of options available on Facebook, so you need to create more post engagement in order to increase your page likes. There are a lot of trial campaigns available, check out which best strategies will go well and then choose it for more engagement.

Have you seen offers or events on any Facebook page before?

Yeah, you might have seen and that is the objective you are going to make use of it. You are going to create an event or post an offer in your page and start gathering post engagements, this depends on your creativity and posting interactiveness.

Event Response

Create an event response as shown before for getting more post engagements.

Offer Claims

Create facebook offers, you can find three different features displayed as below.


You can create an offer either directly from your Page, Ads Manager, or Power Editor.

In the case of creating an offer from the page, your discount gets shared with people who have liked your page. If you need to target a different set of the audience then creating an offer through power editor, Ads Manager can be the best option or else boost it from your Page. 

  • Average Click-Through Rate (CTR) on Facebook by industry
  • Average Conversion Rate (CVR) on Facebook by industry
  • Average Cost per Action (CPA) on Facebook by industry


Follow the same steps you followed to start camping, the one option you should do extra is that you need to paste the app link in the App section so that you can initiate an app install campaign. 

3) Video Engagement

You need to create a video in an interactive and immersive way so that there are high chances for people to view your video. You can set up the budget as per the views you need. Just add a quality video to start the campaign.  


Grab the sales leads like your audience phone number, email addresses etc from the people who are interested in your service, product or business.


Once you have completed the consideration to gather the targeted engagements, now its time for the conversion. you need to take some of the valuable actions on your website namely adding payment info, making a purchase etc. Make use of the Facebook app or pixel to track and measure conversions.

Once you have created the pixel, you can now paste this pixel code in your website landing page as shown above in the screenshot highlighted in red.  

2) PRODUCT CATALOGUE (conversion )

Product catalog sales

Have you noticed an E-commerce site? yeah, you might have seen just an add to cart option or cart option along with payment gate or add to cart with the make a purchase option. In cases, some people just add a particular product and might have skipped making a purchase. So you can target this type of persons and this the remarketing scheme you can apply.

Upsell: This means you are reminding your audience of similar products with a high range or sorting out different models with high margin.

Cross Sell: You can show similar products they purchased before so that there are chances they could buy it again.

How to create a product catalog?

Have you ever created a product catalogue before in any other campaigns? If no, check out the below steps to make it clear.

  • Choose AD manager -> product catalog
  • Choose the category that suits online purchase ( ad image with product price and landing page link)
  • Search for the Facebook product template and then save it in the excel sheet format (CSV).
  • Add relevant details regarding and then save the image
  • Once the catalogue is ready, upload it to the Facebook
  • UPSELL And CROSS SELL based on your customer objective
  • Works perfectly after you added the pixel code
  • Make sure you create the product catalogue first and then the product links.
  • This conversion suits in particular for E-COMMERCE OR PRODUCT TARGETING campaigns.


This type of objective suite for the business, that includes too many branches in different locations, you will be able to show the store to the persons who are nearby your store location for the maximum results.

To enable these options, make sure you have set up your business locations in the business manager.


Facebook is powerful and flexible to bring up your website, service or business to the top level, there is various marketing option that can tailor and sprout your marketing efforts to fit your budget, company restriction, and time constraints.

You may take some time to know about these features in detail, once you have known it’s going to be 100 % worth as you expect. Facebook is growing day by day and is becoming more indispensable part of SMM.

Companies who stick with Facebook is enjoying the major advantages, just start to perform different tests campaigns to find out the preferred campaign for achieving the desired goals.

Reach us for more Digital Marketing strategies, we are an upcoming  Social media agency in Chennai.

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