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Twitter Ads – How to Create | Setup | Run – Internet Marketing Campaign

Are you the one who is using Twitter for generating traffic to improve your business?

Then I request you to share your success stories with us in the below comment section

Before that let me explain how Social Marketing plays a major role in generating more leads and traffic to your website, business, product or service.

In the midst of a high number of paid advertising campaigns, you need to know the difference between implementing a marketing campaign and identifying a marketing campaign, you also need to know how you are going to gain the success across the social media platforms.

Hey guys, can you guess the number of users who are actively participating on twitter?

Believe me, there are more than 302 million active Twitter users and higher than 500 million updates getting uploaded on Twitter every day.

Do you guys know why Twitter acts as an effective strategy for Brand Awareness?

Rich Marketing and suite brands show their interest in participating in Twitter for letting people know about their service or brand, now Twitter has started to concentrate on ROI Focussed products and action-oriented services too.

Product and place pages:

If you are owning a business, service or product, then it’s essential you have an own page on Twitter for showcasing your products and brand to your targeted audiences.

I hope you guys might have some clear idea of starting a page on Twitter. There are options for creating product and place pages in Twitter, this page will help in adding your product image, product information which includes price, description, website landing option, buying option etc, videos and much more.

In the above screenshot, you can check people’s comment regarding the “Martin and Weir”, you can also check other related ages getting displayed on the feed below.

Type of Twitter Ads

Hey guys, how many of you have tried out all type of Twitter Ads for marketing? If you are not aware of all the Twitter ads, then here you go.

1) Promote your brand :

Promoting your brand can be performed through

  • website clicks or conversion
  • followers
  • awareness
  • tweet engagements

 2) Promote your video:

  • Video views help in video engagement and promotion.

 3) Drive conversions :

  •  App install and re-engagement

Once logging into your account, you need to choose the objective of your campaign. You can find an option  “promote your brand” where you need to click on the website click or conversion as shown in the screenshot below.

Not having an idea about Website clicks or conversions?

Do not worry, proceed below to find it in detail.

Website click or conversion is an AD campaign where you can make your visit your website and click on purchase or download option. So easy but you should show your brilliance on bringing the targeted audience to your website, this can be done by promoting your tweets.

You will be able to track, how many audiences have visited your website and done a call to action through your twitter promotion on your own smartphone or any other devices


What is the use of your tweet if you have less followers in your twitter brand page?

So, the first step is to gain more followers and then promote your brand to them so that you get too many engaged audiences in your niche, this will increase the engagement and leads to your business. You can just pay only for the followers you have gained rather than paying for the non-engaging users.


Promoting your business page means you are going to create an awareness to your audience about the brand, service, business or website. You can make this possible through CPM.

Tweet Engagements

Tweet engagement campaigns help your targeted audience to talk about your website, business, service or brand to others so that you will have high chances for leads and traffic. You can share any videos that you have included in any other third party platform like Youtube so that you can just pay for the initial engagements and not for the organic ones.

For eg, if you are going to launch a product or opening a business store in a new location then you need to increase the engagement leads through offline sales and lift your brand to the first place. Start promoting your tweets to start the deep engagement with the targeted audience to bring the leads to your business store or for your product.

Hope you are clear in the above steps,

Shall we now start creating a campaign for promoting your business, website, service or brand?

How to Start an Effective Campaign?

Make sure you follow the four important steps to start your campaign to reach your brand or business to the targeted audiences.

  • overview ( name of the campaign/schedule, website link, the categories, a list of an app to exclude)
  • audiences (select location/gender and add keywords, followers, interests, tailored audiences, TV a targeting, Ad behaviours, event targeting etc )
  • budget ( set daily maximum per day, the total budget, automatic bid / targeted bid/ maximum bids etc)
  • creativity ( create new tweets or choose any exiting tweets)

Video Promotions

Have a video for promoting your business? If no, start creating a one with all objectives and then tweet.

Once you have tweeted a video that includes all the necessary aspects to reach the target audience or engagement, you need to enrol whether they are really reaching your respective customers for the successful campaign results. Your video should encourage your audience to click on it and play for a number of times to know in in detail etc so that there are chances for sharing it to their social circles which will increase the video engagement with the expected results.

Driving Conversions

Once you have done with all the above steps, by now you might have got the conversions. Did you? If no,  here is what you should do for making the results.

App installs or re-engagement:

Your tweets should make your audience to install or engage with your app. You can try Paying for the number of app clicks or for per installation, the only thing you need to gain followers and leads is that you need your targeted audience to download or open your app.

How to Setup your Campaign Now?

The first step is to try the App Linking. Check out the screenshots I have displayed below so that you will get a clear detail on the steps you need to perform.

Conversation Tracking

You need to track the conversation tracking code for the website and app engagements as shown in the above screenshot.

The next step is to set up your campaign, provide the name of your campaign, I have given my personal blog name for my campaign as  “Jame Pro Blog”

Clear on setting up a campaign guys?

Advantages of twitter’s Campaign:

Now, it’s time to know about the benefits you gain through the various steps involved in Twitter Marketing.

1) No Extra Payments!

  • You are going to just pay for the successful marketing strategies in the case of the twitter promotion.
  • When your goal is website conversions or twitter engagement, you only pay when people take an action (any additional impressions and engagements are free bonuses! This remains the same for all twitter strategies which cannot be possible on any other social media marketing strategies.
  • If you run an app install campaign, you only pay for the number of successful app install.
  • If you run a followers campaign, you are not required to pay for every people who visit your website, you can just pay for the number of people who hits the follow button and your followers.

2) Keyword targeting

  • You can target your audience by using your preferred keywords
  • You can target people who have used a specific word or hashtag in their Twitter updates or the people who have interacted with tweets containing those words in the last seven days.

 In the below screenshot I have targeted #ppcchat – popular hashtags for marketers to talk about all related information about PPC.

Here is a screenshot below of one of the crazy example of the idea in practice: #FIFAgate.

I can understand your mind voice guys! But accept the fact here.

I have paid $25 to promote this tweet and this got about 40,000 paid impressions (plus nearly 15,000 organic impressions).

Check out my tweet activity in the screenshot below!

The promotion was hashtag-based and therefore only people interested in #FIFAgate had a look at it.

3) Tweet engagers targeting

 Convincing is really a good idea and it brings you more benefit! I believe a more in this fact, how about you guys? Yeah, that’s what we are gonna do now.

 This is the area, you are going to perform the remarketing to the people who have checkout or engaged in the tweet you had posted.

What is the use of targeting the people who have no interest in it? So never do that. Just remarket to the people who like to engage more with your brand, website, service or activities.

4) Tailored audience :

 Picking the particular audience and then targeting also sometimes helps!

  • Start targeting the Twitter user who follows specific accounts.
  • Birdsong analytics, which is a tool that can help in finding the tailored audience so that you can make use of it to start the promotion with them.

 5) Low cost per click

Literally, you can get a lot more click on the Twitter, check out the below screenshot so that you can have a deep understanding.


Hope you might have understood in clear how Twitter plays a major role in increasing your revenue and leads to your business, website or service.

If you need to increase your offline sales or in the case of strategy implementation to drive targeted audience or prospects, A sound twitter advertising campaign can help in reaching your desired goal.

Any additional tips for greater performance or for generating good results via twitter advertising? Share to us! Let all twitter marketers know about them through the comment section. If you want more Digital Marketing strategies, We are the growing Social Media agency in Chennai.

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