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YouTube Video Ads – How to create | Setup | Run – Digital Marketing Campaign

Have you ever wondered about the Youtube staying first as the best video sharing site in the search engine?  Have you ever tried to grab followers and leads to your company Youtube Channel? If no, you need to try it first for gaining the maximum benefit that Youtube provides you.

Can you guess the amount of footage that gets uploaded to Youtube per minute? It’s about 72 hours of Footages!

Why is Youtube preferred?

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the word effectively, where you can share videos with friends, families, colleagues and any number of people around the World. 

YouTube has a video marketing platform, where users can run a video ad to target their audience and gain leads.

I hope every one of you might have known the importance of an image or video. Visual content always has high importance when compared to the formal content.

Have you even experienced the importance of Video Ad?

As I have, here are few things listed based on my experience.

Video Ad helps to describe your product, services or promotion clearly to your audience in a  precise visual way. When used for the purpose of brand awareness, it helps in keeping your new and existing audience engaged in your brand. 

A huge benefit of Youtube Video Ad is that you can just pay only for the promotion you made for the targeted audience and there is no need of wasting your budget for non-engaging customers.

How to Get Started?

Initially, you need to login to your account to get started to the Youtube Marketing and if you do not have an account, then create it.

In the case of Video Campaign, its necessary you log in to your Google Adwords for the further steps.

How to Create new video campaign?

To make you guys clear about the steps, I have also attached the screenshot for the clear understanding.

The first step is that you provide the effective name for your campaign and then select the desired standard options that help in generating views, awareness and conversions. You need to select the video requirement that matches your client expectation.

In the screenshot below, I am selecting In- stream or video discovery ads, and let’s also check for other details of the video section.

Set the bidding option and daily budget allocation for your campaign and this depends on your client monthly budget.

Do not forget to set the campaign start and end date and then choose the targeted campaign locations.

Once you have set all the values, double check it whether you have provided it in the right way, once you are sure of the values to save and then continue to the next step.

Providing a Ad Group Name

You need to add a relevant and attractive name for your Ad group, I have named my blog name “Pro Preneur”.

The Ad may contain one or more video ad and related targeting as in the screenshot below.

You can also Paste your ad video link that has been already uploaded in your YouTube channel before or else create a new one.

Select ad format In-stream ad or video discovery ad or bumper ad from the options.

So what is the use of these Video Ad Formats? Have anyone has a clue on it? No? Then check out the use of it below.

In stream ad:

Based on your network settings, your in-stream video ad gets played before another video on either Google Display Network or on Youtube. There is an option provided to the users to skip your video after 5 seconds. If a user watches your video for 30 seconds or based on the play duration, you will have to pay for your Ad.

Video Discover ad

This means your video will contain some text and images, this gets displayed on the Youtube search results on the Youtube homepage next to the related videos. Your video discovery ad includes an image and some text. Based on the website your ad will be shown differently on the Youtube search results, you will have to pay when someone watched your video by clicking your Ad.

In the case of Video Discover Ad, you should never fail to provide a video ad titles relevant to your campaign objectives, also provide a call to action, description 1 and 2, the desired landing page and the Ad name for the maximum results.

Bumper Ad

Believe me, opt for this video if you need to reach your targeted audience to increase your brand awareness with a short video ad format. Mostly your ad will run for 6 seconds before or after a video starts. In this case, there is no chance for the users to skip your video ad, make sure you have a 6 seconds video to enable this Ad format.

So clear on all types of Video Ad formats?

You can select the desired Ad format based on you or your client requirement.

What about Bidding?

This is easy, you just need to set your Cost Per View amount as per the requirement. You can skip filling Popular video Bid adjustment option as its not applicable for India.


In some case of brand awareness, it’s good to select particular demographics for obtaining the desired and expected results. Select Targeting audience, to whom your ads should be visible based on your interest. Check out the below screenshot for the detailed understanding.

Check out the screenshot below that list of the interest to choose your desired targeted audience.

Once you are have completed the all above steps, now you can save and finish.

Make sure you link your YouTube channel for more features.


I am happy the above guide on Youtube SMM will help in making you shine to be the next Youtube Creator or star.

Make sure you outline the above principles to grow your Youtube presence and also to increase your brand awareness effectively. Continue developing high end fresh and unique visual content for delivering the maximum results.

Practice makes a man perfect, similarly spend your time and practice a few sessions in Youtube Ad Marketing to achieve the desired goal.

Want more social media strategies to grow your business, we are the upcoming Online marketing company based in Chennai.

You can share your thoughts or if you have any extra information regarding Youtube marketing, please make it know us through the below comment section.

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