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The role of AI in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has come a long way after the advent of new technologies in ad display platforms like Google and Facebook.

The ad platforms itself provide segregated data on the ads that are run. In addition to that, the customers too formulate some funnel system based on the audience interaction. The customers can even fetch the data of the visitors from the website allowing to experiment with new digital marketing strategies.

But dealing with all these data is a bit tedious job. As the number of sources like apps, websites and social media platforms is on the high spree, the need for automation comes into space. Technologies like AI, ML help to leverage the maximum output from the campaigns run.

The technology is right in use in huge digital marketing campaigns run by corporates. Here are the 3 top uses of AI and how corporates make the maximum out of their budgets.

#1: Faster alterations to the online campaign strategy:

The data that marketers can access is huge, data from the past campaigns, data from website and this can find exactly where the visitor is from. The web analytics data can help to detect where the users are from, how long the customer is on the website and time spent on each page. This data can help marketers to refine the campaign for the future.

If used precisely, this can even help the marketers to take big decisions on the campaign without a market study or test running the campaign.

#2: Better decision making for campaigns:

Knowing what the customer needs and the way how they interact with the customer is what that drives a marketing campaign in the right way. With the capabilities of AI and ML, marketers can speed up the process of running the campaigns as it can reduce the burden of forecasting the data. This thereby allows allocating budgets to the campaigns effectively.

#3: Smarter Content based on User/Customer Analytics:

Content is an integral part of marketing and many companies hire expert writers to manage their content part. But not every content resonate with the audience. Using AI and ML, it becomes easy to find what content attracts the audience the most and the platform that they use to view the content.

With the help of the data collected, the marketers can find ways to attract the audience at right intervals of time making sure that the content works best every time.


Using the right methods to reach the right audience is something that many marketers rely on. With the advent of AI, the tasks have become simpler and much easier to manage. So, strike the right chord by utilising the best out of the available resources.

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