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Big Avenue Ad Production

Documentary Video | Culture Video | Story Video | Employee Bytes Video

Project Summary

We worked with Big Avenue to craft immersive Promo video.

Big Avenue is the educational counselling centre based in Bangalore, India. The client’s vision was to guide the students to start with a better career. They needed a promotional video to deliver their concept to their target audience. The client also had the requirement to use a bold voice over for the video along with a premium typography style. The client needed two videos to target the medical and engineering aspirants.


Story Based Concept

As per the client’s requirement, we planned to make use of the stock videos to visualise the concept of Big Avenue. We purchased the required stock videos from reliable sources. We also planned to hire a professional voice artist to deliver the voice output for the video. We planned to accompany the video with the required effects and motion graphics.


The Outline

We scripted the video in such a way that it creates awareness among the users and at the video promote the brand. The information about the course and the awareness was accompanied in the first half of the video followed by which the promotional content was added.

Sound &Voiceover

The Backdrop

Professional voice over artist was hired to add the voice output of the video. The background score used in the video was purchased from a valid music source which added a better experience for the viewers.

Post Production

Where Editor plays

The rough cut of the video was made from the script. The colour correction was done on the final cut and the voice overs were edited to perfectly match the video sequence. Effects, VFX and motion graphics were added appropriately wherever required.


Created Awesome Video

The client was able to attract their target audience with the help of this video. We delivered the output in all the formats suitable for social media and video streaming platforms. We successfully conceptualized the idea of the client and helped them to create brand awareness.

Project Team

Jame Preneur — Concept
Krish  — Content
Divya — Voice Over
Karthik — Editor


Number of Concept/Script – 2
Number of videos – 2
Total video duration – 2 minutes
Production duration – 2 days
Project Delivered in – 5 days

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