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Business Dronacharya - Digital Marketing
Facebook Ads

Project Summary

Business Dhronacharya is an Institute for Entrepreneurship led by Gunaseelan. They offer courses for entrepreneurs, business people and business enthusiasts. The leads of Business Dhronacharya was only from direct marketing and so the client wanted to experiment with the lead generation from the online medium. The client approached us to help them out to create a funnel for their leads from the online media. We helped the client to develop online sales using our 5C ROI methodology.

Concept &Content

The target audience of the Business Dronacharya was both men and women who have interests for the Entrepreneurship or Business. The client had separate courses for men and women, so we designed the landing page for each course separately. The landing pages were designed based on a blue and pink theme.

Since the courses were for women and men of various ages, we crafted the content to capture both men and women who are interested to achieve big in the field of business. The information that answers to these questions like “What is the course about??, What you get from this course??, Who it is for??” were all explained in the campaign.


The images and videos for the ad campaign were based on the theme of the course. The photos were taken in the premises of Business Dronacharya Institute. The voice overs were perfectly matched to the video for the campaign to attract the audience.


The medium used for the ad campaign was Facebook. The audience of all type were present on Facebook, so we decided to leverage the results from the FB ad Campaign.


Video views campaign:

Over three billion videos are watched on Facebook each day. We combined various targeting options available on Facebook to make the ads reach the right audience.

Link Click Campaign:

This has helped the client to fetch the audience to Business Dronacharya directly from the Facebook ad page.

Traffic Campaign:

Traffic campaigns help to widely spread your ads to all sort of audience. The main purpose of using it was to bring the audience to Business Dronacharya’s website for which we ran the ad.

Landing Page Campaign:

We designed and developed a well-structured landing page for the campaign purpose. The landing page was inspired by various website designs.


The ad campaigns fetched traffic of over 1000 people. The ad campaign helped them fetch 10 prospect leads.

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