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Foodo Re-Brand Creation

Project Summary

Foodo is a corporate catering service provider located in Chennai. The client wanted to rebrand their existing brand identity as the client was about to launch their brand globally. The client needed to rebrand their existing brand identity to stand out in the competition. They trusted us on completing the project better in a way that they liked.

Discovery &Strategy

As the client spent more on designing the old brand logo, we planned to outline the old brand and set a newer look to the old brand logo. The client needed the logo to match the trend.


The client gave us the requirement to use a single colour in the logo and so chose the colour red. The red grabs the user’s attention.

Primary Colour: Black

Secondary Colour: Yellow, White









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Full Branding Delivery

The client was happy with the result of rebranding the old logo. We helped them set a newer look for their brand and also provided them with the presentation on their business process. At the time of delivery, we handed over with the designs of letterheads, envelopes and other brand collaterals.


The client was unhappy with the old brand logo and we helped the client to completely make over their brand identity. This helped to gain more trustability among their customers. We helped them with the theme based rebranding.

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