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Frankeey - Digital Marketing
Facebook Ads

Project Summary

Frankeey is an online learning platform with regional content specialized in technology. Inspired from Udemy, the client wished to design a platform specifically for the Tamil audience.  Since their main source of business is from online medium, the client needed to strengthen their online sales. We helped the client to develop online sales using our 5C ROI methodology.

Concept &Content

Using images and short videos with CTA, we targeted the audience of age 20 to 30. The images used for the campaign was theme based. The campaign was for 3 courses, the background images used matched to the course content. Just like Udemy, we decided to give the audience a preview of the course to make the users decide the content of the course.

The information that answers to these questions like “What is the course about??, What you get from this course??” were all explained in the campaign. The content was illustrated in 3 different concepts for the 3 courses.


Since the course is for the online audience, we illustrated the idea of the course in each image used for the campaign. We made use of different font styled and colour options to make the ads look vibrant for the audience’s eyes. We made use of simple CTA content to gain every user’s attention.


Since the client wasn’t sure where to run the ads, we made use of Facebook as the audience was greater. The audience from age 20 to 30 would obviously be in FB. So, we preferred to run the campaign on FB.


Video View Campaign:

Video is eye-catching, engaging and, when used properly, is a great way to bring life to a product or brand. We combined various targeting options available on Facebook to make the ads reach the right audience.

Traffic Campaign:

Traffic campaigns help to widely spread your ads to all sort of audience. The main purpose of using it was to bring the audience to Frankeey’s website for which we ran the ad.

Link Click Campaign:

Link Click Campaign on FaceBook helped the client to fetch the audience to their website directly from the Facebook ad page.

Landing Page Campaign:

A well-structured landing page was built for the campaign purpose. The landing page was inspired by the Udemy’s course page design.


The ad campaigns fetched traffic of over 1000 people. The number of sales made was 10 which helped the client to double their average sales percentage.

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