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Fyndus - Ad Production

Brand Video

Project Summary

We worked with Fyndus to craft immersive Brand video .

Fyndus is an online deals app that helps to find the best local deals at area restaurants, cafes and more. Being a global corporate brand, Fyndus needed a video ad to grab the user’s attention. They approached us for an ad shoot that was as vibrant as their brand. We were keen on selling their idea through the ad.


Story Based Concept

To capture the idea of where to start with, we convoyed as many as possible research sessions to come out with the perfect match. After the research session, we came up with the idea of something funny for the ad shoot. We then decided to make use of a clown to deliver the idea of Fyndus.


The Outline

The script process went a lot of corrections in order to get ready with the perfect pitch. The requirements of the video along with the resources were jotted down in order to come up with the budget for the shoot. We planned to shoot 3 to 4 video montages based on 3 different concepts.


On day Production

The montages were planned to be shot on a single day. Since the performers of the ad were clown, the script demanded to cast professional actors for the shoot. So, we hired two professional actors who had worked in feature and short films. We designed and characterized a clown-like character after lots of research and prework. A high-end camera and a professional makeup artist were hired to make their look flawless.

Post Production

Where Editor plays

The post-production consisted of all the necessary requirements to fulfil the sequences for the ad. Each and every sequence was finely crafted to make the ad look vibrant. The necessary soundtrack was added to the video sequences.


Created Awesome Video

Each and every ad was created with male and female clown characters not just to create a brand impression, but also to make them stand uniquely apart from the others. The output of the ads was much appreciated by the client side.

Project Team

Jame Preneur — Concept / Creative Director
Azar  — Manager
Harish — Cinematographer
Ayshu — Ass Cinematographer
Mani — Editor


Number of Concept/Script – 12
Number of videos – 12
Total video duration – 30 minutes
Production duration – 2 days
Project Delivered in – 20 days

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