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Hablo Brand Identity

Project Summary

Hablo is the manufacturer of Architectural Hardwares based out in India. The client already had a parent brand and approached us to come up with the Brand Identity designs for the sub brand Hablo. The client needed the brand logo to be designed with high international standards. The client also needed the brand logo to be visible on all their products.

Discovery &Strategy

Our discovery session started off with the analysis of the competitors for Hablo. Based on the analysis, we came up with the conclusion of the design process. The logo was planned to be simple and so we chose to highlight the letter ‘H’ in Hablo. We decided to place the H in a hexagon and come up with an icon for the logo.


The client suggested us to go with the industrial colours and make use of a single colour. Based on our analysis, orange was the perfect matching colour that has a greater visibility ratio.

Primary Colour: Orange

Secondary Colour: Black, White.









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Full Branding Delivery

The final outcome of our brand design was very much accepted by the client. He was happy about the colour choice and design of the logo. We also delivered the designs for letterheads, envelopes and other brand collaterals.


The client was happy about the way the logo was designed. The logo satisfied all the expectation in the client’s mind. We thereby helped our client to successfully design a sub brand under the main brand.

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