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India Tourism Ad Production

Promo Video | Event Cover Up – Photo & Video Montages

Project Summary

We worked with India Tourism to craft immersive video experiences.

Incredible India is a division among the Department of Tourism. The client approached us to manage the promotional campaign for their event Paryatan Parv. The event took place at multiple places in Tamilnadu and so we made 3 videos for each event. We matched each video with exactly matching background score.


Awareness Concept

Since the videos were for the social media campaigns, the duration of the videos was in the order of 15 secs, 30 secs and 1 minute. The event took places at prime spots in and around TamilNadu, so we made use of the images of those locations and the suitable background music was made use of.


The Outline

The target audience was the people in and around the event location. So in order to impart the exact location information in a way that the audience likes it. We also planned to add some catchy CTA content and effects to highlight the purpose of the event.


The Source

The client already had a recorded video of their old events. We decided to make use of these videos and also added some stock images to add more clarity to the setting. We collected the videos of the event localities from our fellow cinematographers.

Post Production

Where Editor plays

We devised the editing script for the video and came up with the rough cut for the video. Since the video is to post in social media. We added motion graphics to the video. The sound mixing, the background score was done for the final cut.

Created Awesome Video

We made a total of 20+ videos for the prestigious traditional event governed by the India Tourism Department.  Due to the video campaign, the event saw a greater number of check-ins when compared to the event that took place in the yesteryears.

Project Team

Jame Preneur — Concept
Zameer — Content
Sree — Content
Jai — Design
Karthik — Editor


Number of Concepts – 8
Number of videos – 10
Total video duration – 30 minutes
Production duration – 15 days
Project Delivered in – 25 days

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