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MolliDew Brand Identity

Project Summary

Molli Dew is a Cosmetics Brand based out in Bangalore. Being the newest brand in the cosmetics world, Molli Dew needed recognition in the people’s mind. The requirement of the client was to design a neat and simple logo with vibrant colours.

Discovery &Strategy

The discovery session started off with our research on the product. The products of Molli Dew are all used by women of various ages. So, the brand design must be to please the women audience. The colours that women prefer the most and everything related to women’s cosmetics were taken into account for the brand logo design.

Customers chose Molli Dew for its price and the quality of the product. Molli Dew outperforms from other brands by their improved formula used in the products.


The colours finalized for the logo design were red and orange. The background of the brand collaterals was preferred to be white as orange or red is well embossed in white background.

Primary Colour: Orange

Secondary Colour: Black, white









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Full Branding Delivery

The final brand design reflected the story of the brand, why the brand was started and what are its benefits. The logo resembles luxury and passion. We delivered the client with the design for envelopes, letterheads, packaging and other brand collaterals.


We successfully envisioned the client’s idea and helped them to develop their brand in the online medium. The client was happy about the end result and loved working with us.

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