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Unboxes - Ad Production

Profile Video | Testing & Repair Process Video | Types of Grade Video | Refurbished Explainer Video

Project Summary

We worked with Unboxes to craft immersive video experiences.

Unboxes is an E-commerce store for refurbished electronics and mobile phones. The client’s vision was to create a market for refurbished electronics. For a better online presence, we planned to capture the process of refurbishing the electronics along with the footages of their warehouse and workspace.


Story Based Concept

The plan was to take an all-around video covering the process of the work and also about the vision of the founders. For this, a separate Q&A session was planned to cover all the information related to their process. We conceptualized their process into a story, the way they handle their work and make use of the skilled craftsmanship.


On day Production

A crew of 3 members including a creative director, cinematographer and an assistant cinematographer was present at the location. Two high-end cameras were used for shooting the sequences. The shoot was planned for a single day schedule. The work process, Q&A session and the overall store were planned to be shot on the same day. A tech youtuber was hired as an influencer to make the brand reach the audience more quickly.

Post Production

Where Editor plays

We devised the editing script for the video and came up with the rough cut for the video. We added motion graphics to the video. The sound mixing, the background score was done for the final cut.


Created Awesome Video

The vision of the client was completely portrayed in the shoot. The idea of employing an influencer gave a headstart for Unboxes to start their online business journey.

Project Team

Jame Preneur — Concept
Zameer — Creative Director
Sheron Roy — Cinematographer
Karthik — Editor


Number of Concept/Script – 5
Number of videos – 5
Total video duration – 60 minutes
Production duration – 2 days
Project Delivered in – 22 days

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