Are you in lookout for brand visibility? If yes, then this piece of the write up is all you need to check out to decide your next move.  What do you see the most when you open a newspaper, switch to any channel or for that matter leap into the internet? Today it is all about advertisements/promotions and it is considered to be the most effective marketing tools to communicate about your product and services to the target group. However, this can be done through various forms of Medias like Print, Television, Radio and other online advertisement platforms.

You need to know all about advertisement and promotions to get a clear idea and knowledge of the widely available platforms for your brand. Check it out.

Advertisement and its types

Broadcast Media

Remember the Cadbury Dairy Milk ad series and the 2 minutes Maggi videos you come across? After these ads were released, the sales reached heights big time. That’s the power of broadcast media. It creatively and visually appeals the audience and attracts them to try out your product.  Television and Radio are the two traditional broadcast media largely used in advertising by different industries. Radio, on the other hand, is comparatively less expensive as it does not have to deal with the visual factor. However, through this medium, the listeners will catch your brand name and service in form of RJ mentions and creative ads.

Print media

It is very difficult to turn even a page without spotting an advertisement in newspapers or magazines today. Agreed? In this competitive world, there are lots of people out there who are ready to invest excessive revenues to get their brand known. Magazines and Newspapers have a phenomenal reach even today. It is one of the most widely accepted media platform people rely upon. However, a magazine has a limited reach when compared to that of a newspaper.

Direct marketing

This kind of marketing occurs when the organization connects directly to end users. An end user can be a consumer or a business. Direct marketing includes face to face marketing, distribution of leaflets, broachers, catalog, sales letter, direct mail, telemarketing and direct response advertising. When you involve in DM, you are able to promote your brand in a much effective way. Nothing is better when it comes to face to face interaction. For instance, if you want to sell samples of your designer wear, the best you can do is to focus on a limited set of audience and explain them the USP. This will be carried out by them to the larger crowd.


Product placement

To know where to place your product is very important. Product placement is nothing but sponsoring your products and services on mediums like TV shows, moves, YouTube Channel and other possible events which will help in creating brand awareness. You may have noticed in many shows where brands will be promoted by the host or characters in different shows in some form or the other.


The Internet has completely changed the world of advertisement. Majority of us spend our time online and hence this platform has become the one for advertisements and brand promotion. You enter into any site; you will come across advertisements popping up. This way brands reach umpteen users fulfilling their purpose of creating maximum awareness.

Outdoor Advertisement

The outdoor advertisement includes Billboard, Special Signboards, Kiosk, Posters, Bus banner, Aerial, Trade publication, Balloons, Vehicle advertising, Hoarding on road, Wall paints, standees and common support media.

Below given are four important steps in the advertisement:

  • Awareness: Keep in mind to generate maximum awareness among the target group. This will make your brand get registered in their mind.


  • Interest: You need to be unique and offer more value than your competitors. This will interest your target audience.


  • Desire: Do not hesitate to make your customers try out your product or services. This will make them trust your brand.


  • Action: Finally make them take action either leads or conversion.


Different Type of Advertising:

  • Startup stage of business: If you are ne the to market and want to endorse your company or brand, you need to go in for high level advertisement and publicity to reach your targeted audience effectively. They are several advertisement strategies campaign to achieve the startup goals.


  • Growing stage of business: Once you are identified by the target audience, you need to give them a unique value in order to differentiate from your competitors. Convince your targeted audience to try your product or service through your promotional strategies.


  • Established stage of business: In this stage you have to work on brand awareness for existing client to remind them about your brand. You also need to provide value so that they continue buying your products.

Ways to develop your advertising campaign:

  • Target market: First and foremost, identify your target market. For instance, work on to identify your potential customer.


  • Budget: Do a complete analyses and plan your budget Plan what is your budget and what you can afford to reach particular audience.


  • Media planning: The next important step is to figure out the best media platform to execute your objective


  • Create a strategy: Do a thorough strategy planning to start you advertising campaign.

Type of promotion

  • Discount products: Are you the one who gets super excited seeing discounts? Adding discount to your product is the most common form of promotion in order to make sales. Increase your margin and mention some % offer to make customers feel that they are getting something valuable at reasonable price. This strategy will influence your customer mind in to sales It’s all about influencing your customer by tickling their desires. Make sure your provide value and attractive discount; consider your bottom profit line.


  • Free shipping / Free returns / Cod

These kind of fancy and promotional words persuade the customers to purchase your product. It also gives them a feel of security. Most of sellers add the shipping cost in margin of product in order to attract the customer by providing some benefit for them.

  • Flash sale

This type of promotion creates a sense of urgency in customer, which means the offer is only for limited period of time. This flash sale strategies adopting buy many retail business in order to get clear old or surplus stock. A successful flash sale obtains 50 % purchase during a first hour flash sale.

  • Buy more, save more

This type of promotion offer encourages your customer to purchase more stock. You have plenty of potential customers walking to store we have to provide some offer to encourage them to purchase more. You don’t want offer huge discount but workout strategies to convert all the visitors. Make feel them they are getting valuable in your store.

  • Product giveaways / Branded gifts

To be honest every one like freebies these days.  It is a great promotional strategy adopted by many top brands. We commonly hear popular promotion words like Buy1 get 1, Buys 2 get 1, Buy2 get 50% off etc on select products. These encourage the customer to purchase more. Also, branded gifts that you provide with each sale is very effective. Make sure your gift carries your brand valye.

  • Loyalty points

Rewarding your existing customers will build brand loyalty. This could done by providing them membership registration through their personal number or providing membership card. This eventually makes the customer give you first preference among your competitors.

  • Coupon giveaway

Provide an online or offline store coupon code to encourage the customer to come again. These types of promotions get the customers back to your store. It is done through sending coupon card or code through mail, sms, and social media.

  • Competition

Customers always look for something new. Running small fun event in order to engage with new customers will also help in brand awareness and promotion.

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