Content marketing is one of the marketing strategies that helps you to build a strong relationship with your niche audience consistently with the high quality of relevant content and storytelling. The use of content in your business helps in drawing audience attention and also expands the customer base.  It plays a vital role in creating brand awareness along with sales growth benefitting business in a long run.

There is two division of content marketing: Online Content Marketing and Offline Content Marketing. Online content marketing includes Blog Post, Website, Forums, Online News Publishing, E-Book, Info Graphics, Social Media, E-mail, Case Studies, Video etc. Offline content marketing includes Magazine, Journals, Podcasting, TV and Printed Publication.

Below are few types’ online and offline content marketing:

  • Video Content: Creative video content is a perfect way to deliver your message. You can create a scripted video, visual graphic, montage, typography depending on your marketing objective. Short video content will engage the audience more when you compare it to other types of content. The videos can further be disseminated through all social media platforms, websites, YouTube channels, and in different blogs. 


  • Image Content: Perfect image is worth of thousand words while preparing storytelling content about your organization, it is important to add value to your content with the help of relevant images. Social media is based on images, creative photo shoots which will explicitly promote your brand. This could be used in either offline or online marketing platform.


  • How to Guides: This type of content provides user guide to handle or make it work something, which means helping your industries peoples through your content. Make sure brand your content, which includes image, video and text contents. (Dint not understand this)


  • White papers: You can use whitepapers, to show your expertise in a particular area by including clear images and graphs. Ensure your logo is clearly visible throughout the layout of the report.


  • Blog Content: “What you reading right now is a blog Content.” You can post a content about who you are? What are you? And about your industries to show your specialization in order to attract the specific group of the audience which you are targeting. Blog content can be shared through many online platforms.


  • Infographics: Infographics is the graphical image which represents your business, services, and other information that delivers a clear message. Make sure it contains your logo and links so that people can get to know about it.


  • Social media posts: These days every company has to have social media accounts which could be identified by your audience. This is will update them with all the latest information about your brands. Some of the popular social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. These media allow us to share the content of video, image, and text. Here we can do a paid campaign to reach your potential audience.


  • Email Content: Email content marketing is also an effective marketing strategy to engage with your existing customer and to a potential customer. Email content could contain an image, infographics, HTML template and plain text content. Marketing could be promotion, advertisement, updates and other customer engagement message. There are many online email marketing tools which provide bulk email service with many features.


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