Direct marketing comes into the role when the organization connects directly to its end users, who may be a consumer or a business. There is no intermediate involved in communicating to end user about the products or services. Direct marketing is an effective way to reach your target audience.

An organization may use several ways to execute direct marketing to communicate to clients.  This includes sale force, catalogs, websites, direct mail, cold marketing, trade event, seminars, launch and other one to one strategy that helps to communicate and sell products to the top consumer.

They are several types of direct marketing which include:

  • Internet marketing
  • Face to face marketing
  • Direct mail
  • Telemarketing
  • Direct response advertising

Internet marketing

The Internet provides information, entertainment, shopping, individual and group communication access to the end users. The Internet is one effective way of direct marketing for promoting the sale of products and services to the customers. The Internet makes marketing easier, flexible, more targeted leading to more sales and profit. Virtual interaction can be through a webinar, virtual events, and social media networking. Virtual communication maintains a data, relationship with clients and help us to connect globally.

Face to Face marketing

It is a traditional way of marketing method which involves in-house sales by personally contacting the potential consumer or clients. Face to face communication builds trust and personal connection between the organization and target group. Giving warm handshake and involving in an engaging conversation with the consumer will build the business relationship.  


Direct mail

Sending information about updates, special offers, sales announcement, service reminder or other types of communication to emotionally impress your targeted audience by mailing to their email address. Mail can be in form of printed materials, gifts, catalog and emails. We can find out other creative cost-effective strategies to engage with existing client and new clients. We have to execute and monitor the direct mail campaign, build and invest in strategies that will respond well.  


This process is for contacting your targeted audience to sell a product or service. New clients may get frustrated by telemarketing approach and therefore it is highly essential the call is well scripted and structured.

 Direct Response advertising

Advertising on television, radio, social media, magazines, and newspapers to communicate to your audience, will increase sales.

Leaflet drops and handouts

This method suites some and not all business. However, depending on the business type and target audience the design and template of leaflet may vary. Handouts campaign means giving printed information directly on street.

SMS / Text marketing

Once you collect a database of your existing and target audience, you can start the SMS campaign to update them on sales, events and other important updates. For instance, dominos plays very good conversion in SMS campaign by providing weekend PROMO code depending on consumer history.

We help you achieve your marketing campaign more effectively through:

  • Planning campaign,
  • Setting budgets,
  • Finding your targeted audience,
  • Creating materials
  • Managing the distribution process
  • Monitoring an Impact of the campaign.

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