Photography for business:

Photography is an art of capturing the image by professionals, they are plenty of advantage of professional photography, in this case, we going to see how it benefits your business and type of photography.

Photography plays a major role in blooming business of all online, print, media and social media platform. In fact, photography is the essence of all media platform,   Photography helps us to tell a story visually about who we are and what we do. This could provide excellent opportunity to create a brand message and brand position in your audience mind.

Type of photography for business    

Corporate profile

  • Profile shot,
  • Studio Portrait,
  • Outdoor portraits
  • Headshot,
  • Group photo,
  • Brand story,
  • Environmental portraits,

Business Event

  • Seminars and conferences
  • Trade show photography
  • Expo and convention photography
  • Award show photography
  • Appreciate event
  • Employee engagement & Team building event
  • Product launch
  • Board meeting
  • Corporate party

Product photography

  • Product shoots
  • Product environment shoots
  • Product usage shoots


Media & advertising photography


Videography for business:

Videography is the process of making video films. There are several types of videography, in this section, we going to see how it benefit your business and type of videography.   Video production plays a major role in the business world.  This is an effective way to communicate your brand or business to the targeted audience. Video marketing content is the effective way to reach large number audience and build your image of the organization.  Video production companies create the high quality of business videos in order to promote and positioning your brand in the market.


Type of Business video production:


  • Corporate video( corporate profile, corporate culture , corporate environment)
  • Brand video
  • Event video
  • Product or service video
  • Explainer video
  • CEO video
  • Web video
  • Training video
  • Promo & Advertisement video
  • Social media video
  • Product and services video
  • Testimonial & interviews video
  • Industrial video


Steps to effective photography and videography

 In order achieve your objecting this production process is driven into three major categories, whether it is photography or videography, they are

  • Pre-production
  • Production
  • Post-production



Pre-production phase of the project where all the planning takes place before the production phase .this planning phase sets overall vision of the project. Pre-production is a process of script writing, storyboard, casting, scheduling, location, and scouting. All the process based on customer requirement and objectives.  Team

Team list works in pre-production:

  • Writers
  • Directors
  • Cinematographers
  • Casting Directors
  • Location Scouts
  • Wardrobe Stylists



Production is the actual filming of the video. The production company who you are working they bring all crew, scripts, storyboard, equipment and props and the whole team to location.

Team works in production phase

  • Director,
  • Assistant director,
  • Producers,
  • Designers,
  • Scriptwriter,
  • Cinematographer,
  • Assistant cinematographer,
  • Hair & makeup artist,
  • Stuntmen,
  • Talent actor,
  • Camera and lighting
  • Equipment and property
  • Art (sets & graphic art)



Post production:

Post-production is the last process of delivering a project, where all editing work takes place, organizing, cutting, coloring, and so on. Post-production work carries following professionals depends on the project objective and requirement.

  • Video Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D Animation
  • Visual Effects
  • Music Scoring
  • Sound Design
  • Color Correction
  • Video Finishing


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