Public Relations (PR): Here is all you need to know about it!

What is PR? Public relations (PR), as a profession and industry have been growing incredibly since past few decades. Even today, not many have a clear idea and knowledge of what Public Relations is all about. The role of PR specialists in the current scenario is immense as they are the key link between the companies and the public. It can also be considered as a significant marketing tool for organizations to create awareness and positive response for products, services, and business on the whole.

PR helps the management not only to maintain the positive image but also creates a strong relationship with the audience through the media. An effective PR strategy is all you need, to generate revenue, spread awareness about your product or service.

Here is everything that a startup or any organization for that matter, needs to know about PR to lay its strong base and existence in the competitive zone:


Public Relation Tools and Techniques


Press Release Creation: It is the oldest and most effective PR tool in existence. A release contains all the necessary information that your clients want to convey to its audience. When the content is disseminated to different Media’s like Newspapers, TV Channels, Radio Stations, Magazines and others, it brings in a lot of value and develops trust among the targeted audience. 

Attending Public Events: A PR expert undoubtedly should and does take advantage of all the public events. This serves as a golden opportunity to engage with the larger audience and business aficionados that would benefit one in attracting more clients and trade. It also lets you know the market scene in the best possible way.

Newsletters: To send out Newsletters to the target audience, that describe your business products and services, is very essential. This, as a tool, is used to share the news and general information about the organization, which invariably strengths the connection with public/audiences.

Blogging or Content Marketing (Online Press Releases): This is yet another significant tool in Public Relations domain. The online platform is the most viewed and relied upon for information distribution and gathering. Releasing updates in Online Newspaper, Magazines, Press Releases sites and blogs about your industry/business can and will reach your target group effectively.

Social Media: It is a claimed fact that Social Media is one big thing for effective brand promotion. A PR specialist gets hold of different digital marketing tools to publicize all the latest updates and information about their clients to attain maximum reach and mileage.

Email Marketing: It is a personalized form of communication. Such attention capturing mechanism plays a vital role in gearing up the business. When people come across your brand and feel it be suitable for them and their needs, they go out searching and venturing about it for more.

Brochures and Catalogues: The use of brochures and catalogs is still, much prevalent in the market. This tool will generate brand awareness and impression in the minds of people.

Media Tour: It is the best way for a PR expert to get connected and interact with industries most influential reporters. A media tour helps in publicizing the organization to a great extent. The tour will have media giants from various news channels, radio channels and print media accompanied by the key persons of an organization.  

Speaking Engagements: Interacting and getting involved in conversations with people at different events assuredly helps us in building reputation and brand awareness.

Sponsorships or Partnerships:  This helps in building goodwill and loyalty towards your business. Community partnership may help in exchanging funds and values.

Employee Interaction: Your employees build your brand. Hence, a frequent interaction process with them is a must. This will boost their productivity which in turn will bring in best results.

Community Relations: It is important to build strong relationship and trust with your community people. This will reflect your business positively.

Charity / Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR):  CSR activities help the organization build goodwill among the public, which also reaches out to the media giving you enough publicity.

Irrespective of how big or small your business is, publicity is key to identify your target group. The ways and methods are stated below:

Position yourself: You need to describe and write few lines on how different you are, from your competitors. This will grab the attention of the onlookers.  Prepare a brief report about your business, product, and industries including your strengths and area of expertise.

List of your PR objective:  Listing out your PR objectives will help you focus on your goals with clarity and clearance. It matters the most because, when you go to meet a client, your objective should be vibrant and listed. Plan your goals thoroughly to bring in traffic for your business and its development.

Identify Target Audience (TA):  Every organization has a target group to whom they want to reach. Hence, information about gender, age, behavior, and location should be understood and keyed upon well to identify the right audience.

Identify your Target Media:  Understanding the media is crucial. Therefore, list out relevant Newspapers, Magazines, TV Channels and Radio Program Outlets, for your benefit and reach.  

Develop Story:  Initiate new ideas and prepare a creative story peg before you to approach the media. Also, it is essential to create a script that carries your entire objective visibly.

Mandate Interaction: Communication is key to any successful business. Get involved in conversations with many people, groups, targeted organization, service clubs, business network groups, and everyone you get a chance to talk about your business. Keep it free, timely, and interesting and fun oriented. You can also offer seminars or demonstration that matches your industry. This will be an added advantage.

Make a Pitch:  Pour in all your ideas into a paper and pitch them to the reporter. Keep it precise and make sure you state the objective and include positioning statement.

Follow up: PR is all about follow-ups. To get best results, you need to have a constant follow up technique with the reporters. This serves as an alarm to them and also defines your passion and need to get the work done timely and promptly.

In this fierce and completive world, everyone is striving to position themselves on the top chart. A PR professional helps in maintaining a positive image in public, boosting credibility and inviting more customers and revenues for its client. It is all about persuasion and hence it needs a lot of planning and evaluation to produce best of best results.


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