The trade show is a platform to display, demonstrate, educate, network, and create brand awareness about a new product or services. It also involves getting a database of all target customers.

There two type of trade show event, business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C). B2B trade shows are conducted by a trade association for specific industries, attendees can be company representatives, press or industry people. Whereas, B2C trade shows are conducted by event organizers to particular industries.

Trade show strategies are effective for small companies and can connect with a significant number of the targeted audience directly. We get the opportunity to get involved in one to one communication, where we can explain in detail and get leads and conversion. More importantly, you can build a strong network of same industries and with potential clients.

Trade show event campaign is divided into 3 processes:


PRE event work


  • Planning
  • Understanding the objective of the trade show, and plan the creative concept and script as per objective.
  • Booth fabrication and customize booth design
  • Planning which trade show to exhibit and analyze which match will your business
  • Media exposure before the trade show
  • Sending invitation of both to trade show organizer and your own personalized invitation to your targeted audience
  • Pre-show promotes your presence at the trade show through magazine, newspaper, email, mail, website, SMS, and through calls.
  • Use social media to create awareness about your trade show by campaigning to a particular group of audience to build awareness and hype.
  • Arranging professional staff for both who are related to your business industry.
  • Prepare your staff as per the script.
  • Prepare your trade show booth space
  • Prepare business collaterals.


Onsite event work


  • Engage with your visitor with the creative concept of fun activities.
  • Onsite event and trade show management.
  • Supervising the trade show event, by taking important decisions. Be social to all staff and visitors.
  • Inspect your staff periodically to make sure everything is working fine.
  • Give complimentary coupon or offer voucher or gifts to visitors; make sure all your activity is, valuable, emotional and memorable.
  • Lead capture: Get data from visitors, it can be a mobile number, email id or visiting card, make sure you double check the information.
  • Professional booth staff or in charge should be a good communicator, reliable, creative and innovator.
  • Onsite media exposer if possible
  • Arrange candid photographer to cover all your trade show activities.

Post-event work 


  • Exhibit dismantle
  • Following up the leads is one of the important factors of trade show campaign strategies. Marketing person has to build a relationship with the audience in order to increase sales.
  • Other common lead has to follow up through emails, SMS, social media in order to create brand awareness.
  • Follow up the audience who didn’t turn up for the trade show, just update the news by creative subject line like “We Missed You.”
  • Post media exposure
  • Document everything you learned, you can apply those strategies next time.


Remember to remember all these factors before you plan a trade show for successful result and execution.


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